Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anti blog ... or how timing is everything

Anti blog ... or how timing is everything

Sting is nighttime music. I'm sorry, but those throaty vocals and sensual lyrics just seem like moonlight ... preferably on a beach. Sting doesn't seem to go with a.m. coffee. (This from a woman who has no problems with sequins any time of day or night.)

Recently I've tried green drinks (smoothies with fruit and lettuces) at night. Gotta say, they seem sort of strange. All that rev 'em up energy, poured into my body so that I can sleep?

Playing fetch with my dog? Afternoon event. She'll chase a ball once or twice in the morning, but that's all. Morning, for her, is about patrolling the squirrels. Afternoon is play.

Since this is whopping blog #3, I'm still trying to get a "feel" for how I want to do it. Is blogging a morning thing, or an evening one? Do I have more to say on one cup of coffee, post Morning Pages, or is that writing I should focus on "writing" and blog in the evening when my brain is melted anyway?

Where do these stories come from? Are they built into our bodies with our tendencies toward early bird/night owl? Are they cultural things that we pick up from our parents/environment?

When I was a cub reporter, I had the idea that massive amounts of coffee, all-nighters and neurotic levels of worry were what it meant to be a "real" journalist. Can't tell you how many times I vomited in the trashcan right outside the photo lab due to acid belly, out of control worry and no sleep, while waiting to see if my shots were going to be "right." All that story of "a real journalist" got me, was very, deeply sick for a really long time.

So as I fit blogging into my lifestyle, what I'm really choosing is thestory, that I'll use (until it's not useful anymore) for what kind of blogger I am.

Thus far, seems I am a short one.

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