Friday, April 15, 2011

Hangups by any other name

I don't drink blood. (Whew! Aren't you relieved?) Don't get fuzzy at the full moon. And am not powerless in the situations around me. But yet, in Being Human, I completely relate to their struggles to try and attain something they aren't, while keeping the essential core that is them.

The pitch is: a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost become roommates. They all long for that "over there" that anyone who has ever wanted to be a smaller size/drive a better car/have a different job, can relate to. And they each have a hangup: blood, fur, powerless.

But really, without coffee I practically AM the living dead ... so I get that. Are there parts of me that wish I could both toss off my norm and express everything I feel without consequence? Sure. (I'm gunning for the Mermaid Parade for that.) And there are definitely moments where I feel more than invisible (I think YouTube and blogging are testimonies to people trying to BE seen in an increasingly invisible world) - I feel like I've been removed from the equation. Not just powerless but Not.

All of this adds up to why I think Being Human is great story, great storytelling. It's an interesting enough premise to engage our heads with the technical understanding and the reasoning and complications ... but it also gets to the heart of what I, as a viewer, experience and know. Longing. Displacement. Searching. It's relatable. In all it's strange bloodbathiness (not so different from a chocolate binge, truly) and alienation, it's a very human story.

And since I'm not drinking blood/turning fuzzy/see-through ... I guess that leaves me as human.

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